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Forget cramped and uncomfortable hotel rooms...
Create warm memories of fun and relaxation for your entire family, living in a home away from home

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The key to having a fun and stress-free vacation:

Get some space, relax, and enjoy!

Do you ever feel like you need another vacation to recover from the vacation you just came home from?

Feeling fatigued and exhausted after a stressful family vacation is fairly common, especially when traveling with kids or extended family.

You’re looking forward to spending quality time with your family, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime. But by the time you’re a few days into the actual vacation, you’re feeling stressed, frustrated and exhausted. The kids are fighting, your husband is complaining, no one can seem to agree on what to do… and tempers are starting to boil over.

What happened to that fun and relaxing vacation you were so looking forward to?

Being crammed together in small spaces for extended periods of time is enough to stretch the patience of any individual.

The solution?

Get some space!

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Kids Need Their Space

Kids get antsy when they don’t have room to move around — first the car or plane, then the hotel room. Even the attractions you go to are crowded and you keep the kids close to you the entire time.

They need to stretch their legs, run around, and have their own space where they can get some temporary reprieve from the constant watchful eye of their parents.

Kids (and adults too!) love the water slide at the Regal Palms pools.

Toddler and parent in the zero entry pool

The zero-entry pool at Regal Palms is great for young kids.

Enjoy the lazy river by yourself…

Kids on floating tubes on the lazy river

Or with a friend and a float!

And you need your space, too!

Sunny day at the Regal Palms resort and pool with pool and deck chairs

Sunbathe in the warm Florida sun by the refreshing pool.

Regal Palms pools at night - open until 11pm

Unwind at the Regal Palms pool after a long day at the Disney parks with a peaceful evening swim under the stars.

Enjoy a drink at the tiki bar (left), shoot some pool on the outdoor billiard table (front), or play some volleyball with friends (rear).

The great room and dining area in our townhomes

Share a pleasant family dinner together and talk with your kids about all the fun you’ve all had that day.

The secret to a fun and stress-free vacation is…

… to rent a spacious vacation rental home at a resort where kids and adults alike can spread out, enjoy individual activities they like, and just decompress and chill out for a bit.

Our vacation rental homes at Regal Palms offer you just that.

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